How Industrial Magnets Are Used In The Manufacturing Process

Magnetic separation is seen as one of the most effective and reliable ways of removing unwanted ferrous metals during any manufacturing process. Right from recycling plants to pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, the use of industrial magnets is not something that you can choose to overlook. industrial magnets

The use of magnetic separation in food processing;

Separation during food processing is important and without it, massive health hazards and recalls might occur. The use of industrial magnetic separators using eddy current systems helps in the whole food processing chain in removing metal debris. The assessment and removals of metal contaminants during food processing has over the past couple of years become a common practice in the industry. In fact, many retailers choose to make magnetic separation and metal detection a major control point requirement in their supply plans. This is intended to make sure that the finished products meet established standards and specifications. In any case, metal pieces in food can pose a major safety risk to consumers. It can as well damage the processing equipment or machines.

Some of the main sources of metal contaminants include;

Incoming ingredients
Processing equipment

Environmental causes and inadequate personnel practices 

It is however good to note that the role of magnetic separation is not just required in the case of food processing. Industrial magnets are used in a wide range of industries but their main role still remains to get rid of metal contaminants in substances being processed.

Selecting the right magnet

Finding the right magnetic separator requires that you have a good understanding of magnetic properties, product characteristics and the specific environmental factors that exist in every processing plant. This is because these separators are available in a myriad of designs which include plate, bar, grate, liquid line tape, suspended and pneumatic line. The choice of any of these magnets will depend on their suitability for the intended purpose. it is vital to choose the magnetic separator that is the most effective.

Comprehending Industrial Computers

Industrial Computers, for the most part, are expected to be highly durable. This is principally because they are often placed in work areas that are largely harsh. Generally, these places operate under extremely humid temperatures where a variety of chemicals as well as airborne dirt are quite common.
In some industries, electromagnetic emissions and mechanical vibrations are frequent occurrences, and these can interfere with the efficient functioning of the standard computer system. This is hardly the case with industrial PCs. The reason for this lies in how these computer types are produced.



Industrial Computers, especially the panel pc-mounted varieties, are known to have built-in gasket settings that serve as effective enclosures. When installed correctly, these PCs can easily achieve the required enclosure rating as provided by implementing industrial authorities.

In addition, some other features of many industrial computers were built to operate on a non-stop basis, providing for a multitude of user actions intended to last for many years. This is particularly true in the case of computer systems that have touch screen features and interface-based keypads.


Of course, there are some industrial PCs carrying applications that may be unable to sustain life especially when confronted with such pressures as extreme vibration or shock. In such cases, a common solution is to further ruggedized the unit. This can be easily achieved by installing a flash memory of solid state model to replace the existing hard drive built into the system.


Just like the standard commercial computers, industrial PCs can also be upgraded in order to function better. This is actually crucial in the industrial or manufacturing setting where production is a key element. Industrial Computers, in this instance, can be updated in such areas as the connecting system, cooling devices, and power supply, just to name a few. The goal naturally is to make sure that the system is able to function safely and efficiently despite existing conditions.